Jake's Gemini Client
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Jake's Gemini Client

This program is written with the latest version of Perl5. It has several dependencies which can be easily installed via cpan or cpanm.

To use

  • Make sure you have the latest Perl installed
  • get the dependencies:

sudo cpanm IO::Socket::SSL URL::XS IO::Pager Text::Wraper Term::ReadKey Path::Naive Text::ParseWords Term::ReadLine Smart::Comments URI::Encode IO::Socket::SSL::Utils File::Slurper File::BaseDir TOML

  • Clone the repo, in an approprate directory

$ git clone http://git.jakesthoughts.xyz/dev/gemini-client

You should check the script to make sure that the dependencies list is up to date.

The author (me) recommends that you also install Term::ReadLine::Gnu so that tab will auto-complete commands.


If you have Term::ReadLine::Gnu then you can use press the tab key twice to get a list of commands. Otherwise, use the command: 'commands' or the alias 'cmds' to get a list of commands and a brief description of what each command does.

Use help in front of the command to get a description of what it does.

To get started: Use 'url', or it's alias, 'u' and type out a destination.

Here are some cool ones for you:

  • gemini://astrobotany.mozz.us/
  • gemini://gemini.circumlunar.space/docs/specification.gmi
  • gemini://geminispace.info/


You can get an experimental GUI version of this program by:

$ git clone -b tk-gui http://git.jakesthoughts.xyz/dev/gemini-client

Do note that it is still in progress and no where near completed. Bugs and missing features are guaranteed.


I do not know if this software will work on Windows. I believe one of the dependencies is not Windows friendly but I forget which.